Course Information & Objectives

The design of this Short Course for Secondary School Teachers on Teaching the Key Learning Areas of Technology Education, Arts Education and Physical Education in the English Medium (TAPE) is based on the understanding that using English as the MOI requires teachers to be able to:

  • develop further their understanding of the English language system so as to present and explain the subject content in English clearly and systematically
  • cater for students with different language proficiencies in English
  • design their lessons that are clear, supportive and informative for students who are still developing control of the English medium without reducing the targeted learning
  • maximize learning through providing scaffolding at two levels: a macro-scaffold for students by ensuring the scope and sequence of activities are suitable; and a micro-scaffold by ensuring classroom interactions are timely and constructive
  • provide multiple ways (not only through language) for students to access the meanings that are being made and that are expected to be understood

Teachers participating in this Course will understand:

  • the role of language in learning and the importance of this for teaching their subject in English to students who are still developing their control of the English language
  • how their subjects do their work through interdependent patterns of language, visuals, sound, colour, symbols, space and movement and understand how these patterns shape how they teach and how their students learn
  • how to implement a pedagogy that scaffolds students into successful and sustained learning.

Day 1 – 2

These two days are focused on activity-based input. This input is then applied by the teachers on Days 3 and 4.

  • Learning and brain research
  • A functional model of language
  • How language varies in our teaching
  • Cycles of teaching and learning
  • How language organises content
  • The language for packing in content and developing vocabulary
  • How to ask questions
  • Evaluating lessons

Day 3

  • Workshops: Teachers in pairs design a series of classroom activities that make up a lesson or lessons—one of these classroom activities will be delivered on Day 4.
  • Poster session: Using a poster displayed on the walls of the classroom, teachers present to members of the class a short description and rationale for the classroom activities they have designed in their pairs.

Day 4

  • Pairs of teachers deliver and evaluate the classroom activities they designed on Day 3.

Remarks to teachers

  • Participants are required to have at least 80% attendance of the taught session and complete the post-course support
  • To receive the course certificate, teachers need to participate in the post-course support provided.
  • The aim of the course is to enhance the competency of the teachers who have met the “teacher capability” criterion in teaching KLAs of Technology Education, Arts Education and Physical Education in the English medium. As the course is meant to be an in-depth programme catering for the needs of the aforementioned KLAs, priority for admission will be given to teachers who attended the 15-hour course on Teaching Non-language Subjects in the English Medium commissioned to the Hong Kong Institute of Education in the 2010/11 school year or have experience in teaching KLAs of the Technology Education, Arts Education and Physical Education in the English medium.