Course Information & Objectives

The Short Course for Secondary School Teachers on Teaching PSHE Education Key Learning Area in the English Medium is designed to improve the teaching and learning of PSHE (Personal, Social and Humanities Education) in English.

  • The teachers are scaffolded into an understanding of how teaching and learning of PSHE can be improved through an explicit understanding of how language works in the learning of PSHE.
  • The theories that underpin the Course are concerned with the role of language in learning and the role of the teacher in scaffolding students.
  • The teachers consider the different genres that constitute their PSHE subjects and the patterns of language in these genres.
  • The Course focuses on how technicality and abstraction are constructed, what needs to be learned by students, and how teachers can support students to read and produce increasingly abstract and technical PSHE texts
  • Explicit teaching allows students to be challenged but also highly supported at the same time so that students are scaffolded into successful and sustained learning.
  • The workshops are interactive with ongoing activities using multimedia, and with discussion and collaboration on designing and trialling planned activities.
  • The content and materials used are relevant to the teachers’ classrooms through the use of, for example, classroom and textbook texts from Hong Kong, and video clips of PSHE teachers in Hong Kong.
  • The teachers reflect on their practice and the implementation of what they have learned in the Course by working collaboratively to design activities and lessons.
  • The teachers are given opportunities to present the PSHE lessons they have designed through examples of micro-teaching.

The Course will, therefore, help participants to:

  • be familiar with the English language patterns in PSHE texts as well as in PSHE processes (eg recounting, describing, organising, explaining, and arguing)
  • understand clearly how to develop students’ vocabulary for expressing technicality and abstraction
  • understand how the English language patterns are constructed and how to teach them
  • develop strategies and a holistic pedagogy for enhancing effective learning and teaching of PSHE using English
  • understand and develop strategies for including all students in the classroom while using English
  • develop competency in refining, as a cyclical process, their teaching pedagogy and resources after trials in the classroom
  • develop criteria for assessing the various PSHE tasks students are engaged in
  • observe, discuss, share and collect good examples of teaching PSHE using English.

Remarks to teachers

  • Participants are required to have at least 80% attendance of the taught session.
  • To receive the course certificate, teachers need to participate in the post-course support provided.