Course Information & Objectives

The Short Course on Raising Secondary School Teachers’ Competence in Academic English for teaching non-language subjects in the English medium (CACE) aims to help teacher participants to

  • understand the concept and structure of academic English and its differences between the language of school and everyday language;
  • enhance knowledge of language features that are specific to their own KLAs and the language requirements in assessing student’s learning;
  • help their students to develop proficient of subject-specific English, including speaking about the subject and writing on subject-specific assignments (eg practical report, facts and description, exposition, procedures, recount, etc)

Academic English refers to the language used to develop knowledge in different subject areas. It is the language of schooling used in non-language subjects and is different from everyday general English. It is important for non-language subject teachers to have knowledge and awareness in academic English in order to help students to learn through the medium of English. The course helps teachers to

  • identify the patterned ways that academic English is used in different subject areas and how subject knowledge is constructed through English;
  • recognise the differences between technical, abstract and commonsense vocabulary;
  • understand and identify how academic English makes connections within sentences, within paragraphs and across paragraphs and how ideas are linked and made cohesive; and
  • apply the knowledge in academic English to support students’ language needs in tackling texts and learning materials of non-language subjects and to perform learning and assessment tasks in English.

Remarks to teachers

  • Participants are required to have at least 80% attendance of the taught session.
  • The target participants are non-language teachers who have met the “teacher capability” criterion in teaching in the English medium. Priority for admission will be given to the non-language teachers who meet the “teacher capability” criterion but have not yet any experience in teaching non-language KLAs in English. Teachers completing this courses are expected to proceed to attending the in-service professional development programmes on teaching specific KLAs to further develop and strengthen their pedagogies and skills in teaching their KLAs in the English medium.